About Us

At  K&A Real Estate Interests LLC  we work to preserve the dream of home ownership for those who are looking to buy a house or experiencing the financial and emotional duress associated with an unwanted or financially unstable property.

Whether you are looking to buy a property, sell a property, or save a property, we can help.

The number of people losing their homes, something that is catastrophic financially and emotionally for individuals and their communities is alarming. Oftentimes, individuals facing the process of foreclosure or bankruptcy are confused, scared and not well informed as to their options.

We created our company to address this gap of knowledge in the larger public by providing the information and resources to mitigate the damage a foreclosure will have on one's financial health, and to assist those facing the loss of their home get a new start.

Many people are unsure where to turn once the bank begins the foreclosure process. Invariably, they will seek the help of a bankruptcy attorney, or throw in the towel altogether. The problem is that people often make poor decisions based on misinformation with resulting ramifications that can last for years.

We know our business; we know what we do well, and we believe that we are the best possible solution for people caught up in circumstances beyond their control.

In our own small way we are fighting for the American Dream by helping people find hope in a difficult time and by providing them passage to a better future.